Category : Cards, UHF Tags

Features :
Embedded Assembly
Metal Resistance
High Chip Sensitivity Typical

Specifications :
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Ultra High Frequency Tag
Working Frequency 860~928MHz
Reading Distance Up to 10 meters for UHF1-10E and UHF1-10F (Determined by the environment and reader)
Protocol ISO / IEC18000-6C, EPC global Class 1 Gen 2
Memory Capacity 272 bits
Chip G2XM
Storage Structure EPC : 96bits, UID / TID: 64bits, User: 512bits
Data Storage EPC : 96bits, UID / TID: 64bits, User: 512bits
Access Password 32bits, Kill Password: 32bit
Erase Endurance 10,000 times(Only for chips)
Environmental Requirements RoHS Certificate
Storage Temperature 0~40℃
Storage Humidity 40%-70%RH
Working Temperature -30~60℃
Dimension 249 * 13.8 * 18 ( mm ) ± 0.5 (mm)
Installation Fixed on the upper and lower edges of the license plate (Parking Applications)
Typical Applications • Vehicle Management
• Highway (Bridge) Toll Collection Management